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Our Mission

Garbage is found on the beach in plain sight, such as household waste, but it is also present more than ten kilometers from the coast and up to 40 meters deep.


Who can imagine finding such waste in the midst of the underwater fauna and flora so far from land? Worse still, fragments of plastic float in suspension and can be ingested by marine species.


One might think that colored washing products or those for delicate textiles are less polluting because they are less aggressive. Wrong! These detergents pollute, just like all-purpose detergents. To preserve nature, we must wash better.


It doesn't sound like it, but one little gram of harmful ingredient in a washing powder is 3,100 kg in the wastewater at the end of the year! And in the United States alone, where more than 3 million tons of laundry detergents are produced every year. Since most of these ingredients are not or only slightly biodegradable, they accumulate in surface water, soil, and even in living organisms (fish... human beings). The problem is that once in nature, it is impossible to get rid of them. Hence the need to limit their use as much as possible. 


Choosing the "Blue Planet" pearls helps to eradicate this plastic waste since each year the cans in supermarkets represent 50 million tons of plastic waste and are sent to countries like Malaysia. 



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