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How do I use my Blue Planet Washball?

It's so easy.

  1. Place one or two Blue Planet Washballs, depending on the size of your washing load, in the washing machine with your clothes (see next question).
  2. Select the correct cycle, always following garment manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Start your wash.*
  4. Keep the Blue Planet washballs in your machine for the entire wash.
  5. When finished, remove your laundry.
  6. Place Blau Planet Washballs in a well-ventilated area to air.
  7. Dry in sun monthly for a few hours to preserve long-lasting performance.

Blue Planet Washballs do not leave soap residue like other laundry wash products, so you do not need to use the rinse cycle. This saves energy and reduces the amount of time needed to do laundry.

Blau Planet Washballs are great for traveling. They take up much less room than laundry soap and fabric softener.

How many Blau Planet Washballs do I use?

Use one Blau Planet Washball for loads of 5kg or less. Use two for loads greater than 5 kg.

Remember not to overload your washing machine. To be effective, your Blau Planet Washballs needs room to move.

How many loads will I get out of one Blau Planet Washball?

One Blau Planet Washball will last for 1,500 washes, about 4-5 years.

This equates to approximately 5 cents a load—saving you hundreds of dollars. They are much cheaper than commercial detergents, even the ones on sale.

Can I use Blue Planet Washballs with any fabric?

You can use your Blau Planet Washballs for any fabric you would normally wash with regular detergent—Always follow garment manufacturer’s instructions.

They are perfect for delicate fabrics, woolens, baby clothes, and linens. They will also be effective in work clothes and sports gear.

Can I use Blue Planet Washballs in front and top loaders or twin tubs?

Yes. You can also use them for hand washing or to pre-soak.

Do I still need to add fabric softener?

No. The natural minerals and magnets in your Blue Planet Washballs soften your clothes, making it unnecessary to use a fabric softener. This saves you money. It might take two or three washes for your clothes to soften - it will take some time to get rid of all the chemicals on them from regular detergents and softeners.

What about pre-soaking?

If necessary, pre-soak heavily dirty clothes in a sink or bucket with a Blue Planet Washball before washing, for 20 to 30 minutes. Soaking overnight is also beneficial.

What temperature water should I use?

They can be used in hot, cold or warm, however, they are designed for cold water use. Please note using warm or hot water will reduce the life of your Blue Planet Washball.

How do Blue Planet Washballs work?

During the wash, the small pearls inside your Blue Planet Washball will raise the Ph level of the water. This softens the water and opens the threads of the fabric so water moves through it more easily and effectively, removing dirt naturally.

Unlike other detergents, Blue Planet Washballs do not leave soap residue so there is no need to rinse your clothes—just turn off the rinse cycle. This will also ensure the pearls last even longer.

Are Blue Planet Washballs safe?

Yes. They do not contain harsh, toxic, or dangerous chemicals.

The Blau Planet Washball has no substances detrimental to your health.

Is Blue Planet Washballs Blau environmentally friendly?

Yes. Blue Planet Washballs will save our precious resources in several ways. 

They will:

  • use less water for each load—saving thousands of liters over their lifetime
  • require less electricity because you don’t need the rinse cycle
  • not harm your greywater, so it is safe to use your recycled water
  • not release dangerous chemicals, including phosphates, into our water(like regular laundry products do)—phosphates cause algae problems
  • does not release toxic chemicals into the soil

How does Blue Planet Washballs affect those with sensitive skin?

Blue Planet Washballs helps reduce skin irritations and allergies, including eczema and psoriasis. There are no residues left in the water like enzymes after the washing.

There are also no colorants, no fragrances, no bleach, no phosphates or fluorescent dyes and dirt removers like there is with regular detergents. All these chemicals will be in contact with your skin and they can stay on your skin for 24 hours.

How does Blue Planet Washballs save me time?

You will spend less time:

  • shopping for laundry detergent (and hoarding it home)
  • fussing with measuring and pouring laundry detergent.

Will Blue Planet Washballs harm my washing machine?

No. In fact, your washing machine could last longer.

Why? Over time your filters will be cleaner and not continually clogged with the nasty residue caused by fabric softeners and detergents.

Is there any type of stains Blue Planet Washballs can’t tackle?

Yes. They cannot clean grease, for one simple reason - Blue Planet Washballs do not contain the toxic enzymes and other chemicals needed to cut through grease.

Will Blau Planet Washballs keep my whites super white?

Not super white, but that is because they do not contain harmful bleach. If you want ‘snow-white clothes’ you may have to pre-soak from time to time, as you would have before you owned a Blue Planet Washball.

Or you can use another ‘clean and green’ approach and revive your whites by soaking them overnight in a mixture of lemon juice, water and a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Does Blue Planet Washballs add any scent to my washing?

No. If your clothes have a scent after being washed it's because your detergent contains chemicals. After all, CLEAN has no smell.

Is my Blue Planet Washball recyclable?


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