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Wash your clothes without detergent

It's never been easier or more economic to wash your clothes.
Just pop the environmentally friendly Blue Planet wash ball in with your washing load and press start!

Never buy detergents again!

With Blue Planet, your clothes will be treated with the utmost care!

Keep your clothes looking brand new for up to 4-5 years!

Blue Planet has been scientifically designed to wash clothes without using detergent. Besides eliminating pathogenic micro-organisms, it reduces the risk of allergic reactions associated with detergents, preserves nature, protects the color in your laundry from fading, and maintains the elasticity of the fabrics.

The advantages of Blue Planet :

-Reusable up to 1500 times, i.e. 4 years of loads or roughly £1040.

-Clean laundry without detergent

-Amazing cleaning power and removes the most stubborn stains

-Skin compatible, great for sensitive skins or peoples with allergies

-No phosphates, eco-friendly


-Saves energy

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